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Ferkey Builders Testimonials


Colleen and Roy,
Jill and I would like to thank you so much for helping our dreams come true! You guys have been amazing every step of the way from when we started thinking about building a home until long after we'd moved in.  We shopped around and had a good idea of what we wanted and many builders would tell us it was impossible. According to others, we couldn't get a 2-car garage or a whirlpool and shower in the bathroom in our price range. You got us both!

We had 2 separate issues that were not your fault where you guys ended up coming out to help us free of charge. That doesn't happen these days!

To those shopping round, know that while any builder can build you a house, it's hard to find one that cares about what you want and will do everything they can to make you happy!

We've made a lot of dumb choices, but choosing Ferkey Builders was not one of them! :)

Thank you guys!
Justin & Jill

Roy and Colleen,
Thank you for all the help you have given us. We are impressed with the house and the quality of work but must of all by how you personally treated us. You are professional, honest, very cooperative and treated us like personal friends.

We were especially thankful for the way you jumped in to help when we needed it the most.  The damage done by the storm was overwhelming and your help came like the cavalry coming to the rescue in a cowboy movie.  I know I felt like cheering!  You are so nice...

We will always remember how Roy and his guys came charging in with chainsaws and gloves to save the day. And for us, you truly DID save the day!!

Roger & Karen

Roy, Colleen & Sherri,
You have proven to be not only wonderful to work with in building our new home, but more important you are very caring friends.

Your friend,

Dear Roy and Colleen,
We just want you to know how very happy we've been throughout the whole building process of having our home built. From the very first meeting right to the end, you both have been top notch. Your sincerity, honesty and professionalism are so evident in everything you do and say.

We love our new house and all the very special touches you both helped create; from Roy's wood working skills to Colleen's expert advice on floorings, etc. You are quite a team!!

Thanks so much,
Shine ON!!
The Weigands

Roy & Colleen,
Just a note to tell you what wonderful people you are.  From the day we met you we knew you were the right builders for us. You were patient helping us find the right spot to build, helpful picking out all the flooring, countertops, etc. Most important you listened to what we wanted.

Thanks to Sherri.  Every time we called with a question she took care of it. She is a great lady. Thanks to all your crew.  Every time we came to see the house they were nice, polite, helpful and very hard working.  The progress they made from day to day was amazing. 

It was a fun enjoyable time. Thanks for keeping everything on schedule and we were so pleased how you kept us in budget, there were no financial surprises. Thank you can't be said enough times. If ever want to show our home again, just call.

Take care.
Greg & Jackie

I just want you to know that we put a 'good word' in for you every chance we get.  We are SO happy with the quality of our home and the wonderful service you and Roy have given to us (and just keep giving) after 4 years. When we have questions, you are still there for us.
When there is something we need help with, you are still there for us then too. It is your great Christian attitude that attracted us to you in the first place. Honesty and helpfulness are hard to find in a business now days.

Even though we don't 'hang around' each other, I feel that you are friends. We are not afraid to call you for advice and/or with problems. AND....you can feel assured that we will just keep bragging about you and our wonderful home every chance we get!!!!

Thanks again,
Karen & Roger

Roy & Colleen,
There are 2 things I would never do if I ever build again. First I would never let anyone but Roy & Colleen build my house and second I wouldnever build anything but a modular home. We're so happy with our beautiful home and all you did for us. We are so glad we chose you to be our builder.  You both went far and above to help us and make us happy.

Thanks again,
Yulan and Janet